BrookieD Registered User

does anybody remember the f1 site ?
it was a great site as far as i remember,

Curran Registered User

Never seen that site.....but if you are looking for top (up-to-date) F1 news, behind the scenes, pics, driver info, team info, circuit info, interviews etc, etc,

The ITV site is excellent!

Well in my books it i dont miss a thing in the F1 world

Blaster99 Registered User
#3 if you want the very latest. ITV's site is better but is updated quicker and they do transcripts of the press conferences which is fairly useful at times.

I used to use quite a bit, but they went premium. And just checking the site, it seems to be owned by Autosport now. AtlasF1 had a pretty vibrant forum, pity that's gone.

Incidently any decent F1 or motorsport forums out there? This one is a bit on the quiet side.

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