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And even if it was true.. i still think Eircom would sell us down the river in a minute! (not literally, of course!)

And spread fear & uncertainty among their broadband users as to whether or not they would be next to be sued?

Never mind your serial leechers, the bad publicity would affect the average household user who wouldn't have the time or inclination to police their teenager's p2p activity.

I don't think they would be too quick to respond to something that would have a big negative hit on demand, that's not even mentioning the erosion of trust that would come about from providing details to an arbitrary industry organisation.

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A British judge today ordered five ISPs to name another 33 music file sharers. The individuals concerned had uploaded more than 72,000 music files to the internet, according to a statement by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), which sought the court order as part of its broader legal offensive against illegal downloading on P2P networks.

The ISPs concerned have two weeks to give the UK record companies' trade association the names and addresses of the file sharers. The case brings the number of people in the UK to face legal action for illegal file sharing up to 90. These people will face claims for compensation and the legal costs in pursuing them, the BPI warns.

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