Le Rack Registered User

Any one else think we should set up an entire forum dedicated to the one and only BOSCO???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! "That puppet had a smile that melted my heart and covered my pants in bodily fluids" quote - unquote!

weemcd Registered User

bosco was not a prime time cartoon

Steveire Registered User

I heard that bosco (The actual puppet) was stolen years ago.

po0k Registered User

Yeah, Bosco was underground

Captain Morgan Registered User

I heard that bosco (The actual puppet) was stolen years ago.

Yeah heard from my dad he was stolen from UCD years ago.

Chong Registered User

Exactly please do not post crap like this, use the retro forum or the tv forum thnak you.


I heard that bosco (The actual puppet) was stolen years ago.

Like how hard would it be to make a new one, though? Bit of wood, paper maché, white paint, wool...

Infact they could start the 1st episode with make-and-do: Bosco: the ressurection

Steveire Registered User

i like that idea, now to figure out how to incorporate a washing up liquid bottle...

sugerbabev Registered User

when i was a kid, i went to a bosco show, they were raffeling a bosco puppet after and i was so delighted when my name was called!!!! To this day i still have it, sad i know considering im that little bit to old for dolls, teddies, all those kids toys that were so amazing to us growing up!!!!

Le Rack Registered User

Boscos great!!! He was stolen but i like the ressurection idea! I have the Bosco soundtrack on 12inch LP!!!!!

tk123 Registered User

Somebody I went to college with - it was her mates who stole the puppet. One of the Lambert kids was in UCD and had Bosco in a big case and they nicked him for a joke. Then they took him on hols to San Francisco and took a pick of him waving with the Golden Gate bridge in the background and faxed it to one of the papers here!!! They returned him in the end / called up and said they found him!
Anyhoos I always wanted a Bosco puppet but my mum said they were too dear! A kid in school had one but his nose was broken off so it wasn't the same as the "real" Bosco!! One of the presenter guys moved to our road abt 10 years ago and we all used to sing the Bosco song as he walked by which looking back was a bit bold!! Sorry David-from-Bosco if you're reading this!!

Stalfos Registered User

Bosco Hell Yeah, bring him back

I've forgotten all the things you can make with a potato and washing up bottles and that magic door, amazing

Le Rack Registered User

Yeah!!! BOSCO!!! BOSCO!!! BOSCO!!!!

fun bus Awaiting Email Confirmation

As a red head who grew up during the bosco era, i would like to say i hope hes burning in hell for the anguish his mop of wool-hair caused to me and my kind. bad enough the kids had fireman sam to slag us with, but bosco had the edition of being irish. thank God intensive counselling has stopped me from dissappearing into cardboard boxes with kitchen knives anymore!

Aedonaic Registered User

Yeah bring him back! I'v been wondering what he's been upto all these years and then i googled it and foun the ansewer
PS: He has been drinking bukmers while smokin a joint! will i be able to post the picture? since he has got a joint in his mouth?

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