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Any Mac programmers or Developer out there. Give us a shout!!

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Jaysus man,

You're a night person like myself. Listen Trojan, Kayos, or Kharn, do any of ye guys know where we could get this man a copy of Virtual PC (I think that's the name of the Win Emulator for the Mac). He wants to learn C, and there are very few compilers available on the Mac platform. I had a look and only found one.

Are there any Mac programmers on these boards?


The Pinky Registered User

Relax, I found a great compiler on the net (From Apple themselves actually), it's called MPW and it compiles multiple languages from assembly to C!! I'm cool for the mo' so. Check out the time this one was logged at!!
C ya


phobos Registered User


That's the one I mailed to you, isn't it. I didn't send you the binaries, just the links.

There seems to be loads of stuff in


Hobbes Registered User

You can get Codewarrior IDE for the Mac as well. It's actually quite nice.

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