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we travelled on AERLINGUS in Jan 04, and they lost a BAg !! no surprise there i hear u say!
But 14 months later they still havent compensated us for the loss......

Anyway Aer lingus operates all its lost luggage claims Through their Customer care, BUT U CANNOT TALK to anyone on this number its just a automated number, also if u email Aer lingus u also get a automated EMAIL , saying stuff like " please contact us in writing " In over 4 months AER LINGUS have not contacted us regarding what is happening to our claim, despite numerous
attemps from ourselves to contact them, either through mail or phone, they seem to HIDE in the aerport, and can only contacted by SNAIL MAIL , and only contact people if THEY want to....we are now going to the small claims court to seek compensation......

Anyway........has anyone got a direct line to these guys.......


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Anyway........has anyone got a direct line to these guys.......

I wouldn't hold your breath. I would have recommended writing (registered letter) to someone at Aer Lingus' head office at Dublin Airport but with the 3 top bods having left, I'm not even sure who the best person would be at the moment. The address is

Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus Head Office
Dublin Airport

The point is, Aer Lingus don't want people to contact them anymore - and they'll do their best to try to avoid having to contact you. Make it as tough for them to do that as you can.

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thnk for your input..................its amazing that a huge company like that is virtually "untouchable"
i CONTACTED CONSUMER AFFAIRS, and they siad that they willl certainly will answer the small claims court!


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Seemingly Aer Lingus have a 3 day answer policy for all letters received. Might be worth writing to Customer Service.

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m8 i would have had 5 replies by now, THEY contact you when THEY want to!


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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I need to cancel a flight with are lingus, and I'm wondering if anyone has a phone number or e-mail address to do this? The only contact number on the website is an 0818 number which I can't seem to ring from skype.

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You did drag up an ancient thread indeed. Anyway, I looked at the Aer Lingus website for Germany where an "Impressum" page with full contact details is a legal requirement... that page listed +353-1-8862222. You might want to give this number a try.

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As of March 2017, 01 886 8989 worked for me and saved me money.


Got to love cranks on the internet!

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