jbjwilliams Registered User

I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop and want to use multiscreen. I am using windows XP and have an older monitor to use. I was reading instructions from the internet about it and when I connected the laptop to the old screen and restarted the image came up on both screens. When I went to display properties, setting, only one monitor appeared instead of two. This meant I couldn't use dualview (drag from one screen to another). Any suggestions?

Boro Registered User

On a lot of Dell Laptops, the way you set up the dual-view/shared desktop is (from memory so bear with me!) by right-clicking on the desktop, going to display options, dual view (or clone desktop) there.

rsynnott Registered User

If the monitor's sufficiently old, you may have to explicitly tell Window's it's there.

RicardoSmith Registered User

Theres a slim chance it only supports mirroring. Did you check on the Dell Talk forums?

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