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dar83, there's a difference between not being affected by media in your opinion and actually not being... I don't think you realise that media extends more than girls mags and makeover shows.

If you've ever seen a movie or TV show with a woman in it in your life, it's affected you.

I actually agree somewhat, but it doesn't affect me (or other people) as it seems to affect you. I've tried not to make anything too personal so far, but dont you think your argument is based more on a personal grudge, rather than an objective view/ opinion.
Seeing a woman in a movie/ tv show wont actually affect a persons perception or views on this subject, unless of course the person is viewed or portrayed in a certain light in said media, and if thats the case then its only your own fault if you base your views on that. Maybe younger people could be forgiven for using that as a base for their views, but as you get older I think your own opinion will form more itself.

On a side note, I dont mean to be a prick, but could we keep this on topic?

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You mean that? That's fat? ****ing hell. I wasn't aware reality had been changed so heavily as for any amount of fat to make someone nearly obese.

I've every right to get pissed .....
emm Rozie - re-read my post. I said: "The pic you're talking about (of the lady wearing the bra at the top?), she was fat. When you have rolls standing up - you've got fat.

Does the statue wear a bra? Is the statue standing up.
You have no right to be pissed.

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I don't know if this has already been said:
I think that big is too big from the moment on a person's obesity becomes bad for the person's health.
The same with: How thin is too thin?

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They're not all anorexic, though! Different populations have different aveage builds. No one ever thought I was skinny in France but here, people go on about it all the time.
Agree with you there. The Irish tend to be of the more stocky body type, both men and women. The thick ankled Irish women is not just a myth. They do seem to be heavier built. Just check out the Aer Lingus line in any international airport. We're easy to spot as a group . In France, Spain and Italy you see a lot more petite, "delicate" women. That body type is hard to find here probably due to our changing diet over the last 20 yrs(US Style). It's especially hard to find in Irish women over 25. I've seen that myself in women I knew when they were younger. They've thickened up considerably. Funny enough their mothers didn't, probably due to staying with the old meat and two veg diet. Pasta and Maccy Dee's does not a good figure make

I have to agree with Zulu. The woman in the bra posted by Rozieis carrying a fair amount of extra weight. A bit too much cushion for the pushin', if you will. Regardless of the position you take on her attractiveness, her fat is not really in doubt.

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I always was taught that when art showed a woman with a larger belly, it was a celebration of fertility, not an actual representation of what all women look like.

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What do other people think, does this woman fit the "curvy" bracket, or is she fat?

This woman is fat.
Bridget Jones is not.

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i thought ye were on about tits , and my opinion on that is , the bigger the better, never heard of a belly wank?

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thats the girl I was talking about...

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