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Chimps attack Couple

I was watching the morning news and heard about this terrible story. The wife and husband were having a birthday party for their pet chimp who now lives at a sanctuary. 2 other chimps broke out and attacked. The wife lost a finger and her husband got the worst of it. The chimps pulled out one of his eyes, tore off...yes off..his testicals and ripped open his jaw and intestines.

When I think of a chimp, I think of this cute, little animal...not some wild animal that can take off body parts. After hearing and seeing the wife on the morning news, I even had to look at my cat a little differently today. Even thought we live with them for years, I guess a cat can go a little crazy too and we would never know why.


HAVILAH, Calif. (AP) — Investigators said Friday they are trying to figure out how two chimpanzees that viciously attacked a visitor at an animal sanctuary escaped from their cages.

The chimps chewed off St. James Davis' nose and severely mauled his genitals and limbs Thursday before the son-in-law of the sanctuary's owner shot the animals to death, authorities said. (Related video:Man critically injured in attack)

Davis, 62, and his wife had gone to there to visit another chimpanzee that had lived with them for decades before they were forced to give the animal up. LaDonna Davis, 64, was bit on the hand.

"A big part of the investigation will be figuring out whether the (sanctuary) owners were in compliance with regulations," sheriff's Cmdr. Hal Chealander said. "There's a reason why those chimpanzees got out. It will be crucial to our investigation how they got out."

Health authorities were testing the dead chimps for rabies and other diseases.

The Davises were at Animal Haven Ranch, in a canyon 30 miles east of Bakersfield, to celebrate the birthday of Moe, a 39-year-old chimpanzee who was taken from their suburban Los Angeles home in 1999 after biting off part of a woman's finger.

The couple had brought Moe a cake and were standing outside his cage when Buddy and Ollie, two of the four chimpanzees in the adjoining cage, attacked St. James Davis, said Steve Martarano, a spokesman for the state Department of Fish and Game. Moe was not involved in the attack.

Dr. Maureen Martin of Kern Medical Center told KGET-TV of Bakersfield that the monkeys chewed most of Davis' face off and that he would require extensive surgery in an attempt to reattach his nose. Chealander told The Bakersfield Californian that the chimps also tore off Davis' testicles and foot.

Davis was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he underwent surgery. The hospital would not release any information on his condition.

Primate experts said that chimpanzees, which typically weigh between 120 and 150 pounds and are much stronger than humans, are known to kill chimps from neighboring groups, hunt other primates and even attack humans in the wild.

"This episode highlights some of the dangers of privately owning primates," said Steve Schapiro, who studies chimpanzee behavior at the University of Texas. "When you maintain large, strong animals in captivity, you think you know what they're going to do, but in the end they're unpredictable."

Animal Haven Ranch has held state permits to shelter animals since 1985 and serves as a sanctuary for animals that have been confiscated or lost, Martarano said.

The sanctuary's owners, Virginia and Ralph Brauer, would not speak to reporters, but a family friend provided a statement that read, "All of us here at Animal Haven Ranch are praying for the recovery of St. James Davis and LaDonna Davis."

"This is the only incident in 20 years of operation," the statement said.

The Davises had waged an unsuccessful legal fight to bring Moe back to their West Covina home and visited him regularly at the sanctuary, where he had been living since October.

In 2000, after city prosecutors decided to drop charges against the Davises in Moe's 1999 attack, St. James Davis said Moe was not a threat to the public and attacked only when provoked.

"Animals bite, people bite, Mike Tyson bites. So what?" he said.

damn, they tore his testicles off, and a leg, can you imagine how powerful a gorilla must be?

I always hated chimps, always love to see aa crocodile or a lion eat them in those nature shows

but honestly those people are quite an idiots, a chimp is a wild animal, buying a cake for moe? they were just pushing it.

Kevin_rc_ie Banned

after human beings chimps are the most aggressive animal out there. they're very hostile to intruders, they are very violent and are very capable hunters/attackers.

gorillas, thou bigger, are not carnivores, and the silverback is very territorial, he's more of a smash and rant and rave type guy then rip ur balls off.

that's enuf readers digest zoology for one day.


The stories are very inconsistant. First it was his testicle, eye and intestines, then testicle, nose and foot.

The testicle was the only constant.......ouch.

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The testicle was the only constant.......ouch.

Am I right in thinking that purposeful injury of the gonads is a primate-specific behaviour?

Puck 2838

Was he not wearing pants? Where did you get this story? Any links to a proper news site running this story?

WizZard Advocatus Diaboli

NBC Link

Am I right in thinking that purposeful injury of the gonads is a primate-specific behaviour?

AFAIK that is correct. It's a power thing...

St. James Davis, 62, underwent more facial surgery on Monday at Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was being treated after losing fingers from both hands, an eye, part of his nose, cheek, lips and buttocks in the attack, said attorney Gloria Allred. One of his feet was also mutilated and a sheriff's commander has said Davis's genitals were mauled.

Oh dear...

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That's terrible. They shouldn't try and repair the damage with extensive surgery. They should do the humane thing and put him out of his misery. Who would want to live with those injuries.

Captain Morgan Registered User

All I can say is ouch. That sound horrible what happened to them. Especially the testicles part.


those chimps sound like losers.

they should die a painful death.


Nuttzz Registered User

despite this, we have the monkey ba$tards on the run, just keep chopping those rain forests and soon there wont be any of them left

StupidLikeAFox Registered User

Moe was not involved in the attack.

So Moe got his cake and then fecked off to let his mates beat up this old couple who were making him look uncool on his birthday then.

Con9903 Registered User

this is why I'm against animal rights. they are stupid and should not have rights. You cut them a little slack and they rip your balls off

Pet Registered User

No, you keep them locked in cages and they rip your balls off.

Tusky Registered User

No, you keep them locked in cages and they rip your balls off.

haha nicely done.

Con9903 Registered User

No, you keep them locked in cages and they rip your balls off.

they weren't in cages when they ripped his balls off.
You'd think that when they escaped they wouldn't push their luck. Then there are the countless attack reports in the wild

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