daveyjoe Registered User

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but... Is anybody else noticing that there is a delay of a few hours when they been sending messages form o2's webtext recently?

Perhaps the problem is specific to me? Let me know either way.

nessa Registered User

There has been a delay since about 2pm today! I noticed it earlier.

daveyjoe Registered User

There has been a delay since about 2pm today! I noticed it earlier.

I had the same delay yesterday. just to clarify... are we both talking about a delay of a couple of hours?

ProjectMoose Registered User

Has anyone else noticed that the O2.ie is constantly down?


Lenny Tallaght Scumbag

still delays today aswell

RichyX Registered User

It's been like that for me for the last few weeks on and off.
Alot of texts just never arrive, let alone arrive late.

If they can't provide the service they should stop offering it because it's been getting on my nerves alot.

Thankfully I have access to a friends Vodaphone accoutn so I can use the webtexts on there without any trouble.

tinkerbell Registered User

Same here, yesterday & today's texts from o2.ie are taking aaaages to deliver

Standard Toaster Registered User

I sent a webtxt yesterday at about 7:30pm and it arrived over 3hours later.
hope they sort their shít out.


I just sent this to customer.care@O2.ie

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have been using O2 Webtext for a couple of years now, since I was an O2 customer in fact. I have always found it to be a very reliable and prompt service.

However, in the last number of weeks I have noticed quite a downturn in the quality of the service.

Messages I send via the website have been taking up to four hours to deliver to the person I have sent them to. Sometimes they do not arrive at all.

Some of my friends who are also O2 customers have been reporting the same problem over the last few weeks.

As you can imagine this can become quite frustrating, as neither Vodafone or Meteor customer friends of mine are not reporting such problems with the websites they use.

My telephone number is 086-xxxxxxx.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely


Lenny Tallaght Scumbag

Says in the T&C they can not confirm the delivery of the text

damien Registered User

Logged in today to find someone else's address book. Tried a few more times and it as the same.

Lenny Tallaght Scumbag

Sent that email anyway

kasintahan Registered User

Logged in today to find someone else's address book. Tried a few more times and it as the same.

You'll probably find that it's one of your contacts address books or the address book of someone your recently messaged.

Looks like a corrupt database.

Sully Moderator

Iv noticed the same issue.. Ill mail them to!

Sent this:

To whom it may concern,

I have been using the O2's WebText feature for a number of years now and most recently I have notice that it suddenly takes a lot longer to deliver messages sent from the Internet. It does not matter which number I send it to - it takes a very long time (up to 7hours) to deliver messages.

I understand you do not guarantee message delivery but O2's Webtext has been fantastic since I have been using it and rarely I have had issues. But most recently, issues have arose with messages either not being delivered or taking a long time. Why has this suddenly happened?

My username is sullyirl and my mobile number is 086 *******. I have heard several people confirming they have also had issues with O2 Webtext lately also.

All help would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advanced.

Kevin O'Sullivan

- Sully


I got an answer to my email, well two.

Dear seansouth,

Thank you for contacting O2 Customer Care by email. I have passed your email to the relevant Internet Support department and one of my colleagues will be in contact shortly.

All O2 internet related queries should be directed to support@o2.ie while all queries relating to your mobile phone contract can be directed to customer.care@o2.ie

Alternatively for a more immediate response you can contact the support team directly by dialling 1740 from an O2 mobile (19c per call), from a fixed phone please dial 1850 60 1740 (call charges to this number are determined by your landline service provider). Lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week.
Kind regards

Hxxxx Oxxxxx
O2 Customer Care

So I thought yeah right you'll get back, another fob off here.

But no, I got this just five minutes ago.

Dear seansouth

Thank you for your query regarding the O2.ie web text service. We are aware of delays occurring with our free webtext service at present. The issue surrounds the delivery of a message sent via webtext. It may arrive late to the o2.ie users designated recipient or in a unique number of cases it may be sent through the system in duplicate to the users designated recipient. This issue, whilst not causing a problem for all customers is being treated very seriously and o2 hope to have an update on a final fix date over the next few days. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I hope this is of assistance to you.Thank you for using O2.ie. If you should require further assistance, please call O2 Customer Care on 1909 from your o2 mobile ( contract customers) , or 1747 ( prepaid customers).

Kind regards,

O2.ie Customer Care

So, it should be fixed in the "next few days"

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