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I am in the market for a starter inflatable Kayak. I'm only gonna use it at lakes and the local harbors. I need to know that a kayak with 30 gauge PVC bottom and 23 gauge PVC top is enough for general floating around. I probably have the numbers switched, but the add said 23 top and 30 bottom. The main question is what is thicker 30 gauge PVC or 23 gauge PVC? I would think 23 gauge is thicker based on gauging of wire. When dealing with wire, the smaller the gauge the thicker. Am I on the right tract? And would a inflatable kayak with that gauge be OK with light fishing in lakes and harbors?

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I have realized that this is a serious boating forum and not for receation. Thanks for the patience and happy swells!!! Maybe some day I'll be able to share some sailing stories.

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It's not too serious, we all get the same feeling out on the water, I know from experience.. You're right, the smaller the number for gauge, the thicker it is. I'd say for general floating around, anything would be grand. You're not gonna be slamming off rocks in a harbour compared to rocks in a white water river.

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