Dogg Thang Registered User

I wasn't sure the best board to post this but I thought someone might know here. I know of places that can take an image on computer and laser engrave it onto an object. Does anyone know anywhere in Dublin that might do this?


Chaos_Path Registered User

theres a crowd called national pen who do laser engraving

D!ve^Bomb! Banned

there was a place in the square that did it.. not sure if they are still there, they were behind ticketmaster and did engravings onto crystal

Eric Murphy Registered User

My company provides a laser cutting and engraving service. Can you send me an image and tell me what is to be engraved?

*Dallas Registered User

there's also a place called 'Gift' they are located in the Ilac Centre (in the moore street mall) and Blanchardstown centre ( outside cinema jacks and jones penneys)

macy9 Registered User

powerscourt centre in town on the 1st floor. they close for lunch as far as i can remember.

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