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Am looking for a private room with bar or section of a bar for about 50 people for a party. Don't mind if a fee has to be paid (too much!). Any suggestions? Cheers

Kingsize Registered User

try slatterys on capel st i dont think they charge for their upstairs roomas far as i know its quite nice , modern , not smelly & clean etc


If your lookin for good atmosphere, traditonal pub venue, instead of a "function room", call Hairy Lemon (just off George's st. and 2 minute walk from St.Stephens green), upstairs you'll fit 50 people and have a private bar...don't think there's a fee, but you can pay for food to be provide it you want also..quality venue..had my birthday there.

newgrange Registered User

Downstairs in 'Grand Central' at the junction of O'Connell Street and Abbey Street (near Wynn's).
When we asked before Christmas, there was no fee.

cltt97 Registered User

Hi there,

I'm currently searching myself, so here some of the ones I've researched.

Russel Court Hotel on harcourt street. They don't charge for the room, but the smaller room is quite long and narrow and it can get quite hot in there.

The Harcourt Hotel. They charge 250 for the room, which is quite nice and has it's own bar

The Royal Dublin Hotel charges between 280 and 350 Euro for the rooms depending on the size.

In terms of pubs, you could also try Doyles or Chaplins (they have a very nice upstairs section)

Good luck!

irishboy99_ Registered User

The Tap, North king st. holds approx 125 people

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besty Moderator

had a college class party upstairs in doyles before, twas quite not sure about the fee as it was organised for us. it has its own bar too. had another class party in messrs maguire too, there we had an "enclosure" of sorts upstairs. i thought the atmosphere there was quite good

irishboy99_ Registered User

don't go there actually

plenderj Registered User

Depends on the theme and aim of the party...
Samsara's Mezz Bar, Cocoon, Lillies Member's Bar or Lillies Library...

Crania Registered User

Spy on Fitzwilliam St.

dcr22B Registered User

Depends on the theme and aim of the party...
Samsara's Mezz Bar, Cocoon, Lillies Member's Bar or Lillies Library...

All pretentious kips! Sorry but it had to be said.

Try Messrs Maguires.

plenderj Registered User

Urgh you ****ing peasant

dcr22B Registered User

I'd rather be a peasant than a wannabe!

pexus1976 Registered User

How about Doney & Nesbitts on Baggot Street. You can reserve the the bar upstairs. And the food is tasty.

foxybrowne Registered User

Upstairs in the Duke off Grafton Street is great. Own bar, central location, nice food.

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