Noticed today that the free space on my mp3 player is ony 12 gb, when I have 15gb of mp3s on it. Anybody know why or have the same thing happen? It did run out of battery a couple of times when I was copying large amounts of music onto it, and non eof the copied music was in the library when i recharged it. Might this be anything to do with it?


reply from tech support has info may be of interest about geting into recovery mode:

Firstly I would like you to do a disk cleanup on this Zen Xtra Unit.

To get to the Rescue mode Menu on this unit just do the following.
Press down the Reset button and hold the Play and Pause button at the
same time.
Keep the Play and Pause button held until you get to a screen with 4
The First option will be to Cleanup the Unit.
Select this option and perform the Cleanup.
Then when the Unit has finished, select the option to Reboot the unit,
and it will then rebuild the Library on this Zen.

Now you can connect the device and check if it is detected by the Media
Source Software.

If you are still having problems with your units hard disk contents
being detected correctly. I would also suggest trying the latest
Firmware for this Zen Xtra - 40GB from

In the Product Category select Portable Audio
select your Zen Xtra as the product
then for the File type select Firmware.

Download the Firmware file and double click on this. This will contain
a readme file with further installation instructions.

Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this

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