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phester28 said:
How did you get on. I have an e36 1998 coming up for renewal. I think that you may loose your NCB after 2 years as afaik a classic policy does not accrue NCB. Obviously if you have a daily driver then this is not the case.

No NCB on a classic? I was hoping mine might drop a bit this year. I've a sealed moneybox and I am dropping every €2 coin I have between now and June to cover tax and insurance.

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Hi folks,

I've been driving for over 30 years and had standard 3rd party insurance in NZ in about 2005 (for a 1971 Merc).

I would like to get classic insurance on a 1988 XJ40. It doesn't have to be classic insurance - if I can get normal insurance at non-insane rate, I'm happy to do that.
The car is also mechanically sound, and safe, so I've no problem if I need to get it checked and certified, or whatever.

I'm currently listed on a friend's insurance, since October last year. I don't have any other car or policy.

I live near the city and work form home, so I won't be commuting, and the car is really for weekend trips, possibly car club outings, and of course the odd trip to the shops.

There are so many brokers/companies out there - can anyone narrow it down to one or two that might actually be able to help?

I've filled in countless online forms and only had one quote a few weeks ago when I was looking at buying a 2004 car. Ridiculous would be the only word to describe it, as they quoted 2900 for third party/fire/theft and 2700 for full cover (providing I could prove my last insurance from 2005).

It's all getting a bit frustrating..

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I came back from NZ/OZ 2 years ago. Had same issues as you. The insurance/tax on your classic will only be 200 so you only choice is to get a small car and get normal insurance. I was paying around 2500 ( chill insurance is a good broker) and now down to 1000.

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Try Dolmen Insurance they have a good deal on insurance for people named on others policies.

A lot of the others won't touch you unless you have your own cover.

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