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Companies :

Carole Nash, Dublin. Ph 1800 930 801

AXA Ireland. Ph 1890 200016

Brokers :

First Ireland (01) 8820800
Majestic Financial Services (01) 8392026
Norton Insurance, Bray. (01) 2862592
O' Riordian Insurance, Cork. (021) 4275311
Richard Brophy Ins, Portlaoise (0502) 82130

(Please note : Most classic policies stipulate that your classic must be a 'second vehicle', i.e. you must already have a normal car insurance policy. A mileage restriction also usually applies to classic policies.)

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shagman Registered User

I have a proposal form here for "collectors motor insurance" from hibernian
phone 01-6078000

Alfasudcrazy Registered User

I have my classics with Gogans Insurance brokers - find them good

Gogan Insurances Ltd.

Gogan Insurances Ltd
Unit A5 Nutgrove Office Park
Nutgrove Avenue
Dublin 14

Telephone + 353 (0)1 299 0299
Fax + 353 (0)1 299 0298

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The Irish Vintage Society had the following advert in the Buy & Sell on 6th Feb. '05 -

NEW INSURANCE DEAL FOR VINTAGE ENTHUSIASTS (all vehicles pre 1980 at third party cover), Tractors €60.00, Landrovers €150.00, all cars €150.00. Join the club for €20.00 and enjoy the benefits. IVS, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny. 087-256 8881, 056-775 8418.

lomb Registered User

are their any cheap classic policies where it can b ur first car, ie dont need 2 show evidence of another insured car?

Silvera Registered User

Not that I'm aware of. Give some of the above a call and see what they say.

shagman Registered User

I think AXA and first Ireland do 10'000 mile policies where the classic can be your sole car but it is dear I was quoted €845 for my 3L scimitar. The IVS policy sounds great I'll be straight onto them.

Silvera Registered User

Glad my info is of use shagman !

Don't forget to mention where you got their details (i.e. give them the address ! ) may just lead to some of their members signing up to this forum - which would be great !


P.S. €845 for a 3 litre car (in everyday use!) doesn't sound too bad to me !

shagman Registered User

I'm trying to work it so that I have a classic policy and a campervan policy ( I have 1 of each). Both policies require you to have a second vehicle. Have no desire to own or run a modern car. I'll let you know how I get on.

P.S. €845 for a 3 litre car (in everyday use!) doesn't sound too bad to me !"

Guess I'm just a bit scabier than you ,,,,,,IVS policy at €150 sounds more like it to me!!!! Thanks for the tip.
Rang them today and yer man said I could get the policy,the form only asks whether you have a vehicle for daily use... which I do.
My van isn't a huge RV it's very like the A team van in size and will be a cushy daily driver once I finish the LPG conversion.

Paul (MN) Registered User

My W123 200T is only 1984 so not a classic but I am insuring it for €600 for

- normal policy, unlimited mileage
- TP only
- me 29 Full NCB, wife 29 just passed test

With AXA.

Silvera Registered User

I thought that your 'bus' (sorry ) would qualify for a classic policy (at least with some companies) ?

.........unless you don't want a classic policy that is ?!

Dades Would you like to know more?

Rang them today and yer man said I could get the policy,the form only asks whether you have a vehicle for daily use... which I do.
Hmmm. I really hope that's the case.
But I'm pretty sure if you enquired further you find you need another full policy. I hope I'm wrong though (!) and I'm going to call and get a quote for myself anyway.

I called a bunch of places yesterday and they ALL insisted that you had to have a full policy on another car. I had hoped being a named driver was enough but it appears not.

Richard Brophy gave me a non-classic quote of €744, but if there was the possibility of getting a classic quote only being a named driver I'd jump at it.

*edited to add*

Just called Carole Nash Insurance - they will allow you a classic policy as a named driver - but only on your spouse's car. Interesting (and unconstitutional perhaps?!). I'm getting married in June so at least my problem is short term (though my other problems might not be).

mannurse Registered User

hi, i got insurance from carole nash for a 4.2 litre jag. 580 euro , policy requires that you already have a policy for daily driving and a milage limit.. but they did not reqiure proof of either. i need to get a lpg conversion- anyone know where to get the kit?

Dades Would you like to know more?

.. but they did not reqiure proof of either.
That's all well and good until you hit somebody's Bentley - and they run a check on you...

Silvera Registered User

I'd agree with The Atheist, if you don't have the required full policy in the event of a claim, your classic policy would probably be worthless.

re LPG conversion, might be worth contacting Robert Hughes Jaguar Specialist, who will be at the Classic Car Sale on 3rd April in Citywest.
(Sorry, I don't have contact details for him. Try Jaguar Club)

Hope this helps.


P.S - Guys, please mention this site/forum when contacting clubs like the Irish Vintage Society - input from their members could really make this forum grow - and their knowledge would benefit all of us.



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