trotter_inc Registered User

Came across this site doing cheap flights from Dublin and Cork to Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Paris, Faro and Nice.

I've never heard of it before but looks good - think it has something to do with Budget Travel.

Might be worth a look!

LizardKing Registered User

Anyone use these yet ... am thinking of booking flights only through them to malaga .. Any horror stories I should be aware of ???


snappieT Registered User

They are pretty much resellers for chartered Futura flights.

Futura are a decent airline. See also

LizardKing Registered User

yeah used futura before ... no complaints , and they( are a lot cheaper than what i could find on ryanair/aerlingus ...


trotter_inc Registered User

Flew with Futura on package hols to Crete and the Canaries - thought they were pretty good! No complaints from here anyway.

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