aidomac Registered User


Does anyone know where there is recreational basketball or pickup games where you can turn up and play for fun, rather than for a particular team?


ToxicPaddy Baaanaaaanaaaaa

Im sure your local club would have some.. most guys expecially those in
school or college would go to the local gym at weekends for pickup games..

Have a look at Dublin Mens Basketball for a list of clubs and contacts..


phil Registered User

Probably the wrong time of year for anything but gym games as well, especially with gales blowing outside!

If you have a local gym, contact them, they'll know when the basketball courts are booked!

SoundWave Modirritator

i know that there are always summer leagues and/or pickup games in tridens /sp on aughrim street.... but thats not till the summer..

when the weather picks up u could always head to the gardiner street courts... can be good once there is a few other decent players there.. other wise it can be utter bobbins.

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