milagro Registered User

Just saw an ad for Curves gym, anyone know how much it costs and if it is worth the price

cajun_tiger Registered User

why not ring the number on the window

milagro Registered User

Was just wondering if anyone else had tried it

ferdi Registered User

dont join a gym.

if you actually want to get fit and not just ponce around.

havana Registered User

What i like about this is that is in and out in 30 minutes. Just the basics, nothing fancy or posh. Its basically a circuit of hydrolyic(sp?) resistance machines that work your lower and upper body alternatly.

For me it is worth the money (€39 a month, which works out at €3 a go if you go the recommended 3 times a week) cos if I joined a gym I know I would spend all my time in the jacuzzi and sauna!!

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