I just posted on FS motors to sell my punto what i would like to know is how much you guys think its worth. Its just my garage was not sure and i see lots of prices and have been told way different prices

98 D Punto SX
Power stearing
1.2 (1242CC)
5 Door hatch
Elec Windows
70,000 miles
nct 11/06

I was thinking from chatting with a few friends it would be worth about 2400 but i was being fair and asked for 2200 as i got it for a good price.

So what you think it would go for?????

ubu Registered User

2200 will be seen as a bumped price from 2000 to allow for bargining
so ill go with 2k, is there a prize for the right answer?

D!ve^Bomb! Banned

is there a full service history with that? when was it last serviced? i personally wouldn't buy anything unless it had a service history, privately that is.

i have the same car, only it's a 97 with 50k on the clock and i paid ALOT less than 2200, but if you get that money for it then im definitely selling mine

lomb Registered User

funny thing is if u check the revenue calculator ul c that shes worth 2900.
normally this is the trade price they give. i cant understand how a nice little car is worth so little.

unkel Category Moderator

The NCT is good. Does it have full service history and were parts replaced on schedule? Are tyres pretty good? If you're not in a major hurry and want to sell privately and above conditions are met, I'd start with asking €2600. Gives you more room to be haggled down and all

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