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Free online manual for the Irish Driver Theory Test (Ireland's Driving Theory Test)

Just found this. Pretty Cool, it's gonna save me 16 eus.
You can practice for your Driver Theory Test in Ireland and it's completely Free!! The book in the shop is 16 euros - almost as much as U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" - but a lot less inspiring!

The Irish Driving Theory Test website is called 1stDriverTheoryTest.com.

In Ireland, it's necessary to do the driver theory test, in order to get an Irish provisional Driving Licence.

Hope this is of use to someone!

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steveland? Registered User

tbh I found the book the biggest waste of money I've ever bought.

The questions are a joke. Got 39/40 without opening the book.

But this website looks pretty handy. Wish I'd known about it before I'd wasted me money

expatica Registered User

yah most of the questions are simple - but then they throw in things like the stopping distance of a car in dry conditions: is it 23, 25 or 30 metres?

How memorising the answer to this is going to help someone who has never driven before is beyond me - but i spose its consistent with the general ambition of irish educators: to cram their progeny chock full of useless and boring information, that's guaranteed to make them weary and bored - and driven to alcohol and drug-use!

i liked this site cause i didn't fancy forking out the 16 eus - a fair chunk out of the weekly dól! And there is a really handy section where you can do multiple choice questions on the driver theory test, and see how many you got right.

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Healio Registered User

i prefer the one on www.soyouwanttodrive.com

expatica Registered User

yah that looks pretty cool too. but they don't have a driver theory manual, just the test

SantaHoe Registered User

Nice site... giggling my ass off at some of the questions aswell.
What danger should you always be conscious of, when driving late at night?

  • Always be aware of the danger of falling asleep, and don't drive if you are not feeling alert.
  • The risk of encoutering bandits.
  • Farm animals wondering on the roads.

Are these actual test questions and answers?

Healio Registered User

yah that looks pretty cool too. but they don't have a driver theory manual, just the test

ah sure you only need the mock test a couple of hundred times and your sorted. I did that online test again 7 months after i passed the theory test, but i only got 35/40.

expatica Registered User

i found the site a few days ago, and have been comparing it to the book. all the questions and answers are legit alright, but some are slightly reworded for humourous effect - definitely more enjoyable than the book!

hardCopy Registered User

but then they throw in things like the stopping distance of a car in dry conditions: is it 23, 25 or 30 metres?

In the theory test, for questions regarding stopping distance, the correct answer is always the longest distance, for questions regarding vehicle maintenance, it's always the most frequent option etc. There are more of these stupid patterns but it's been a while since I done it and can't remember them all.

steveland? Registered User

That was the one question I got wrong actually, the stopping distance one.

It's not always the longest one afaik cos I answered the longest one using your logic

Victor Registered User

Question: Are you allowed to use a musical horn on your vehicle?
Ans A: No
Ans B: Yes
Ans C: Yes, but only during daylight hours
The answer is A, but they had to change the law because of car alarms (not music that any critic would appreciate, but legally music).

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There's a link on the top of 1stDriverTheoryTest.com, where you can make online donations to unicef - every little helps. IT'S AN EMERGENCY, WITH THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS DEPENDING ON OUR DONATIONS!

JackKelly Registered User

cool, thanks for the link, im planning on taking the test, but i don have the book. Now i dont need it.

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