gzoladz Registered User

Hi all,

Does anybody know a good place to buy a second hand bike here?. My best would be a dutch style one but I know they are difficult to find (tough they are the best for the city I can say, after 2,5 years living in Amsterdam).

Any reference for the Belfield bike shop at the UDC?.

Thanks for your advises,


Victor Registered User

I think Penny Farthing bikes in Camden Street sell some secondhand bikes and you can be fairly sure they are in good condition.

gzoladz Registered User

So I will try Penny Farthing tomorrow. Today I cycled all the way from Phibsborough to the UDC to hear that they don't have one single bike left.
Hope to be luckier tomorrow.
Thanks, Victor.

Victor Registered User

So I will try Penny Farthing tomorrow.
Hope I'm not too late, there is also Macdonalds on Wexford street which is quite close although I don't know if they will have secondhand.

gzoladz Registered User

Thanks Victor, on my way to Camden I saw Mc Donalds. Both have very much the same.
Not being an urgent matter I will still spend some time trying to find a dutch style one.
I was promised one in a bike shop in Dorset for saturday. Let's see if I am lucky .

chris160 Registered User

Hi Gustavo,
Have you had any luck finding a second hand dutch bike in dublin. I too am looking for one.

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