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Great stuff, good idea


  • Flying indoor infra red controlled helicopters:94HvCjiflpk
  • Flying outdoor helicopters like the Toughcopter, which was'nt so tough and was rubbish actually 5UaTnPOGaWk
  • Graduated on to small quadcopters (I've stopped flying conventional helicopters altogether)This one is a Microdrone 2.0 nDBtnBVlLq4
  • Flying my Hubsan X4c. Best quadcopter I've flown. QwlAUWMehYk

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Renan Skiya Registered User

Hubsan X4c a good quadcopter, does anyone play some new quadcopters?

coolwings Moderator

I can's speak about the particular quad model you mentioned, never having tried it. Maybe you would like to open another thread to ask about it.
This thread is not about asking what models are nice- but about learning to fly, and our experiences in learning to fly. It would be nice to keep it about that so we can learn from the comments made by people about how easy or hard their learning process was for them with the models and approach they chose.

In general, using a quadcopter will not teach you how to fly.
You see - flying is about balance and speed. So a quadcopter is like a tricycle compared to a bicycle. Using a trike will not teach you how to cycle a bike, no matter how long you use the trike you will never learn how to balance a bike. Some day, when we were young our parent had to judge if we had enough confidence and then take the little extra stabiliser wheels off our little bike - after that we learned how to cycle.

Not to say it's not something nice to do in it's own right, but the one is not a (significant) step towards the other, though of course quadcopters and aircraft are both flying models.

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djerk Registered User

I take it you've never flown a proper diy racing quad without gyro stabilisation then coolwings? Not to detract from this conversation, I just happened to pass through this thread. Sure the logistics are different, but the effort required to fly a quad without the help of a computer takes a massive and immense amount of skill. At least with a fixed wing you can glide like a bird, with a quad, you're essentially trying to fly a massively overpowered brick under the mercy of gravity under all it's glorious dimensions that's begging to go up in flames at any moment. How did I learn to fly? Well, first came the desire to fly which is deeply rooted in all of us, then came the passion to learn electronics and programming, then came doing all the wrong things until i got them right, spending all my free time and money to get that same sense of freedom in flight that we all want to have.

Here's a few videos showing you how a quad can be flown in the right hands.

coolwings Moderator

Very nice. Of course you're correct, without the gyros everything is raw, twitchy (aerobatic in other words) and lively.
Orientation in those videos must be really tough.

djerk Registered User

It's ridiculously hard, LOS, even more so, but massively fun of course otherwise people wouldn't do it. Quad can travel in any direction it pleases so if you lose track of your nose, good luck! I've built a few of these now and every one of them is a different beast in it's own right, you have to tune and program them individually, there's no manual out there just a feck tonne of research to be done (if you enjoy that). I suggest you try to build one of your own if you're up for the challenge, it's a great experience.. also..when you put your foot on that throttle the first time...

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tedpan Registered User

One from today down the Dunes with the dogs.

My 3rd outing with my new relatively cheap(230e) Hubsan H501s Advanced FPV Quadcopter.

Hopefully better than my previous attempts!

luisspellcast Registered User

I got my first drone a week ago and he no problems test flying it at home, then just at the backyard; the moment it cleared outside I went for a proper flight; no issues--!

But, let's not forget to mention I've been a gamer for over 3 decades and I graduated from GTAV with 300+ levels and a few hundred hours of flight;

Flying the drone was almost exactly like flying the helicopter in the game -- and dad always said all that gaming wouldn't be of any use -- proved ya wrong !

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