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If your thinking now it may be too cramped then it probably will be.
I was surprised how hard we found it to get a corner sofa that would fit in our sitting room. The room is an ok size overall but a bit to narrow.
I'd do the drawings yourself first before paying anyone so you have a better idea of what you want first. Or even post dimensions here.

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listermint said:
Followed your own advice....

Who pays 10k for landscaping.

That's not advice that is a head scratcher

Materials were a good part of that and a week on site, went with the lowest quote. Don't hate cos I've nice big gardens living on me coucil estate

Just as an indication of size - although I'm a new build on the end, the other end managed to get 3 houses on the end of his all with front and back gardens.

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Fair enough Samuel, my garden is significantly smaller than that, so it shows again there are a lot of variables.

OP, something else I might say: we did some renovation work a year ago, plumbing, rewiring, new kitchen etc.
There's a big difference on how people approach things and what they include in their quote, you need to go through every quote of work carefully. I had 3 plumbers here giving me 3 different prices and 3 different approaches, I ended up going with the most expensive quote because it was the most wholesome quote and I had the best feeling about them.
Recommendations from friends and family that recently got work done is worth a lot, we moved into a new area and didn't know anyone, so had to figure it out all on our own and it certainly wasn't easy.

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