AndyBoBandy Moderator

Going to NYC in a few weeks with herself for a few nights, and want to get from JFK Airport to roughly the Midtown/Central Park area in as stress free way as possible.

Google tells me a taxi/uber would roughly cost $52 + tolls & tip, which would be door to door, so quite stress free. Are taxi wait times bad at JFK?

For any regular visitors to NYC. whats your preferred/ideal option to get into a city hotel?

Has anyone went the limo route? and is it much more expensive? and worth it?

whippet Registered User

my last couple of visits I just jumped in a yellow cab ..never waited more than 5 mins at the rank .. the walk from terminal 5 to the rank is long enough but after a long haul flight it's nice to stretch the legs.

there is a set fare to manhattan so no worry about dodgy pricing. Traffic can be bad in though queens but all part of the hustle and bustle of NYC

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dudara Administrator

Taking a taxi is prabaly the easiest way to get into town. It’s also set fare, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

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SusieBlue Registered User

I also got a yellow taxi and would highly recommend it. It was well worth it and stress free.
I think we had to wait maybe 10-15 minutes in a queue but the waiting area is sheltered and the fresh air and stretching of the legs is welcome after the long flight.

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AndyBoBandy Moderator

Cheers folks.

Sounds like it’s a yellow cab for us!

Yamanoto Registered User

Found Lyft better than Uber in NYC in March

Ordered it as soon as we got our bags off the carousel and it was there in under 5 mins.

JFK to midtown was $41.05 in total for 2 passengers.

spurious Category Moderator

It's been a while now, but one of more recent trips, I ordered a limo from the airport, which only cost an extra ten bucks or so.

I expected something sedate in black. What I got however was like something out of a blaxploitation film. White, with gold trim and an interior in fake purple velvet with some sort of a disco lights arrangement and a 'bar' of different coloured liquids. It was certainly eye catching and provided us and our hosts with much amusement.

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