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Anyone heading over to the RCB library would like to allow a novice to C of I records tag along with them on their next visit?
I might be able to stretch to a coffee or a packet of crisps afterwards, or a lift if needed.

Maybe a few of us could go, we could make a day out of it, have a party, stay over......

OK, not really, just a visit would be good to learn the ropes.

pinkypinky Moderator

Unfortunately, no plans to go any time soon.

However, there's nothing to stop us having a meet-up! We did manage a small one at BTOP years ago.

BTOP is on next week - I'll be there all 3 days.

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spurious Category Moderator

Hoping to get over there early Saturday morning. Attending another geeky (pirate radio) event in the afternoon further up the road.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

You don't need anyone with you, the staff are very helpful. You ask for what you want and they bring it to you at a table, a bit like the National Archives. Are you looking for parish records?

spurious Category Moderator

Yes jellybaby, thanks.

I'm looking to see did anyone other than my great great grandmother McKeon survive from a family born between 1835-45 or so, at least two of which were baptised in Fertagh (Kilkenny). At a great aunt's funeral in 1990, some attendees described themselves as 'the McKeons from Waterford' implying there had been at least one other sibling survived. We never managed to track those people down again and I would love to.

I'm a bit more mundane in my queries. Is there parking or would I be better getting buses?

pinkypinky Moderator

There's very limited parking (maybe 3 or 4 spaces) and they close for lunch.
I'd still bring the car because there's not much in the area in terms of food options.

spurious Category Moderator

Thanks pinky. I might get dropped off and picked up. Easier than flapping about whether there will be a space.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

This is the parking space they have and sometimes there are one or two staff cars already there. I would suggest you get there very early when they open up and you might be lucky.

This is the Glenside Pub on Landscape Road which is not too far to drive to for lunch. You could walk it as well though.

Forgot to mention, ring the bell, explain who you are and reason for visit, you will be buzzed in. There are lockers inside the front door where you leave all your gear, coat, bag, they don't allow any recording equipment like a camera. Take the locker key with you. You can bring a laptop, notebook, pencil with you, they have pencils there anyway. Go up to the first floor office and you will be looked after at the counter.

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Earnest Registered User

In 8 or 10 visits I've never failed to get a parking space. Average number of readers must be about 3.

Hope you have looked at https://www.ireland.anglican.org/about/rcb-library/catalogues/parish-records to see what might be available.

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Yes, I think Fertagh is also called St. Mary's. I know many of the records are on rootsireland, but I'd like to see the originals.

Her father William was an R.I.C. man so they moved a fair bit, but all within Kilkenny.

Where William himself might be buried is another mystery.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

This time of the year there probably won't be any trouble getting parking. In the summertime you might find the car park full. Genealogy is obviously a seasonal pastime.

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