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Are them a thing of past, haven't seem them for quite some times.

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Davincc said:
Are them a thing of past, haven't seem them for quite some times.

No! They're still out there!

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In the modern Bus Operational World,the Inspectors job is regarded as a bit of an anachronism...throwback to the dull boring old past and all of that.
Over the past 20 years,the Inspector has been relegated to a Central Control Room,and allocated a passel of computery stuff,with which he can explore the outer regions of the Universe.

All very well & good,except that the same combination may well encounter great difficulties keeping a 75 Bus on the graph between Tallaght and Dun Laoire.

Many of the older generation of Inspectors who would be seen around the City (Stance Inspectors) would,over the years have built up an ability to control and manipulate routes and staff across a wide range of suddenly developing scenarios,and still finish their shift with a somewhat functional service operating.

It would serve the NTA well if they paused for a moment to,perhaps,reflect upon the shortcomings of a 100% Technology Based control and management system,and instead gather a few "Old Style" Inspectors into a room and invite their contributions as to how to impliment a rather more functional control regime.....It might just involve lads scribbling on the back of Cigarette Packets or roaring a few expletives at a recalcitrant Driver,but perhaps,that might just be whats required in our sterile modern working environment.

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