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Apparently all the level crossings are remaining down? (20mins +)

thomasj Registered User

Just tweeted that there is 30 minute+ delays due to a signalling fault.

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Slow to get that message out. Massive queues at the southside crossings since 9.30 ish, tweet two mins ago.

thomasj Registered User

Sadly lack of proper social media interactivity after hours is a general issue with cie if not in general Irish transport, and it does seem to have an impact on how they interact with passengers during disruption.

I had a fair few occasions, this being after 7pm where a bus wouldn't show up and when id tweet Dublin bus, I'd get a reply the next morning saying "sorry we were offline when you tweeted , did your bus come?"

You couldn't blame the staff who man twitter etc for this , they do a good job within their hours, but really as part of their contract with the NTA , ALL public transport providers SHOULD be made have a social media presence throughout their operating hours.

Sorry I may have gone on a tangent but there should be an online presence throughout the operating day and not just 7-7 or during disruption.

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