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But not for long!


The passenger was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even though it was an evening flight.

Literally, as it turned out. The passenger was a squirrel. It hadn’t scampered on to the plane while people or bags were being loaded, or anything like that.

A human passenger had brought the squirrel on board with her as her “emotional support animal”. When she refused to leave and take her squirrel with her, the police were called.

Frontier said the passenger had noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support animal – but she did not indicate it was a squirrel.

The airline says rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed. The company said the police were called when the passenger refused to leave the plane.

Police then requested that the other passengers disembark while officers dealt with the woman, who was eventually escorted into the main terminals.

Frontier’s current policy bans “unusual or exotic animals”, including “rodents, reptiles, insects, hedgehogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, non-household birds or improperly cleaned and/or animals with foul odor”

Who would star in this film of a rampaging rodent in the skies above Merika?

and are emotional support animals just a con, a way to avoid additional changes?

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not a squirrel, an emotional support animal, no seriously

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Not as weird as a peacock....

and when did rabbits become exotic animals?

I'd say there is indeed such a thing as an emotional support animal, but I'd have to say I also think that the vast majority of ones we get to hear about or probably complete pisstakes.

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Was it a Red squirrel or a grey squirrel?
Could be grounds for a discrimination case here.

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i've had it with these mother fu...

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There was me thinking Samuel L had his Christmas blockbuster I want these busy tailed mutha truckas of this mutha trucking plane

Beaten to it DAMN

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Id watch that film

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Squirrels are dangerous


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What would happen if someone on board had a nut allergy?

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They look like an airline that would be okay with a squirrel on their plane

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CinemaGuy45 said:
Was it a Red squirrel or a grey squirrel?

I'm guessing it was a ground squirrel. Or at an rate, a grounded squirrel.

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