deadl0ck Registered User

I was thinking of selling my NeoGeoX but I have no clue what it's worth.

Any on eBay seem to be Buy it now and never sell.

Anybody any ideas of actual value ?

It's the Gold edition and I have an additional joystick and extra game bundle.

Or maybe I should hold on to it ?? Just played it there (after I dunno how long) and it's not that bad, but I never actually use it, it's just in my collection (AKA the attic)

Chris_Heilong Registered User

Well whatever they are looking for on ebay is obviously too high for most buyers so try going under what they are asking and see how you get on.

deadl0ck Registered User

Yeah - might just put it on the marketplace here and see how it goes - need to get the box out of the attic and take pics

Kidchameleon Registered User

Its a shame the joysticks are not compatible with the Neo Geo mini, they would have shot up in value.

deadl0ck Registered User

How did you find them @CosmicSmash?

I don't see them when I search for "Sold Listings": Linky

deadl0ck Registered User

Ah - think I see them now - I was seeing a lot of other stuff but I also selected "Auction" and I can see UK auctions that ended (A lot of the Buy it now are relisted) and I can also see international auctions: Linky

EDIT: I put it up here

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