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Hi all

Wondering if anyone can help me with this entry in the 1939 Register. The entry is for Michael/Maurice O'Connor, with the red notation, 3/4 of the page down.

It looks like this guy has two birthdates? (Unless the second date refers to the blacked out record above.) The second birthdate looks like it has one of the NR references (which I've been told refers to the form filled out when the annotation was made).

I know this man went by both names, Michael and Maurice, the red annotation of his name Michael (I can't see what's written under it) looks to be at the same time as the info in the left hand side column, but I don't know what that says/means.

If anyone has any ideas or comments, I'd be very grateful!


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I would say that the original entry was Maurice O'Connor, then they discovered in 28 April 1943 that Michael was his first name, Maurice being the middle name by which he was known.

The 1950 observation may be the reclassification from general labourer to heavy labour.

Since O'Connor is very common in Ireland, it would only be sensible to check births in 1893 and 1895, if you believe the record to be one of your family and know the place of origin.

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Thanks Tabbey. Have trawled through 1893 and 1895 with no luck as yet, will keep trying!

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Do you know if Lilian was his wife? A marriage cert might help.

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