colm_c Registered User

Haven't played any video games in maybe 10 years.

Was thinking about buying one of the retro mini/classic consoles.

I grew up playing snes, megadrive, n64 and ps1.

Which of the classic consoles is going to give best bang for buck? Or a retro pie with some decent controllers be better?

Likely only be able to play an hour here and there.

brianregan09 Registered User

Get the snes mini, you can hack it and put shedloads of games on it and there's some real classics on there

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CathalDublin Registered User

Buy a raspberry pi and a couple pads from pihut in the UK, then run recall box or retro pi
It’ll play most consoles and computers up until the mid to late nineties fine

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

If you want branded hardware the SNES Classic is nice and plays everything, with a little tweaking, from the era, from SNES to NES, from Gameboy to Megadrive.
Raspberry Pi is a good fit too, and there's some nice complete images out there for a 32gb micro SD card that will suit your needs, Google is your friend!

super_furry Registered User

Get an Nvidia Shield TV and load it up with RetroBox and and heap load of roms and you'll have everything you could ever want.

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