djr Registered User

Hi Folks,

Picked this up in Jervis Tesco this afternoon, there was still 8+ in stock when I left the shop. It's on HUKD as well, so I assume it's national in Ireland as well. You get 3 sets included in the box, for half of the retail price (€25 vs €50).

Packs included:

Bricks on a roll (~20-30 elsewhere)
Speed record car (~10 elsewhere)
Monster Truck (~20 elsewhere)

Savage deal to put away for a present for that December thing, you could split it out to the 3 things as well as the packaging is essentially an open-topped box, and the stuff isn't attached to it.

Hope this helps someone.

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projektzwoo Registered User

10+ boxes in Mahon Point Cork today

Ush1 Registered User

None in Tallaght store.

OmegaGene Registered User

Loads in Mahon point, great deal thank op
Some other really good deals on toys there too and the sale ends Sunday

robyntmorton Registered User

Fair few in Ballybrack. A good kit too. Nice one OP!

rgodard80a Registered User

There were a good few in Drogheda today.
Nearly worthy buying the box @€25 and splitting up 3 sub boxes as 3 kids presents

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OmegaGene Registered User

Mine was meant to be for Christmas for the small fella
He spotted it in the boot of the car lol

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KNS Registered User

Just the one left in Mahon point cork. I picked up 2nd last.

hellboy99 Registered User

There's a few left in Dundalk

bigron2109 Registered User

Got a box in Wexford yesterday . Was back in there today and there was two shelves of them left .

Rigor Mortis Registered User

Got one in Cabra yesterday

Thank you OP

Donal94 Registered User

Just got one thanks a million op. Loads left in tesco maynooth but not with the toys. They are in the clearance aisle . Bit silly really.

djr Registered User

There's still one of these left in tesco jervis in case anyone is looking for one. The unikitty one is also here for 25e, 6 of those in stock

Lord Nikon Registered User

Just picked up the last one in Tesco Clearwater, Finglas. Thanks OP.

conormc1984 Registered User

2 left in MAYNOOTH. Aisle 1 Thanks OP

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