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If you had a C64, you're bound to have come across the name Ben Daglish (and you've heard some of his great music).

He sadly passed away a couple of days ago aged 52. Far too young.


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Retr0gamer Category Moderator

RIP. Absolute musical genius.


He even worked wonders with the inferior sound capability of the ZX Spectrum. One of my favourites (after the intro)


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Doge Registered User

Just posted about his death in the music covers thread and spotted your thead now. Really sad news for his family.

deadl0ck Registered User

Very sad news - here's a link to most of his C64 work: Linky

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sham69 Registered User

spent the day listening to his work and then in turn stuff from Martin Galway and Rob Hubbard.

I always remember loading up the last ninja when I got my C64, that music!!

Seemed like a lovely guy in interviews I have watched.
May he rest in Peace..

Dr Bob Moderator

ah man , thats too young .RIP

Mr E Administrator

I'm in a few C64 groups on Facebook and one of them posted a video of Ben playing with the FastLoaders a few years ago.

Ben is on the Whistle and Flute playing the Wastelands Loader and Wastelands Main theme from The Last Ninja.

Going down the FastLoaders rabbit hole (as you do on YouTube ), this is fucking incredible:

Their full Last Ninja tribute album Ninja Musicology is on Spotify (all tracks from all 3 C64 Last Ninja games). Looking forward to listening to it in work tomorrow.

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Doge Registered User

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5rtytry56 Registered User

Another YouTube vid:

This is from Vimeo, 4 years old - dissappointing from Vimeo that no vids posted yet about the man

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