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I'm looking for baptismal records for brothers Peter and James McDermott and a marriage record for their parents Bernard McDermott and Maria Scally, all of Toomore, Co. Roscommon.
Bernard and Maria had nine children and I have birth and baptismal records for seven of them born between 1865 and 1880.
But owing to a gap in Aughrim parish records at nli.ie between about 1859 and 1865 I haven't been able to locate a marriage record for Bernard and Maria or baptismal records for their two eldest sons.
I'm wondering could somebody check if that same gap appears in the records at Roots?

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Eleanor in 1865 is the first one that appears on roots.

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Thanks for checking spurious.

The way John Grenham presents it I was hoping that maybe the gap didn't occur in the Roots records.


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