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Just for the record, Gurteen briefly took over the MAX yesterday (18.5) but as of 1400h several locations at 20 C. Our two warmest predictions are 21.5 (from me) and 20.6 from 200motels.

1500h reports include two at 21 C (Finner and Athenry).

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Finner has the new MAX at 21.1 C. If that holds, will require some boost from minimum progression but neither 200motels nor myself were close enough to apply the limiting factor (raw scores of 16 and 15).

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After two weeks ...

IMT on 11.7, the second week average was 12.7, which is 1.9 above the normal for the period. Fairly certain that will be back into the high 10s by our next check.

MAX is now 21.1 (10th, Finner) while the previous MIN was --0.3 at Mullingar on 7th, tied on 14th at Markree (-0.3) as originally posted. That was a morning low and not at midnight on the way down to something colder, but eventually there were three readings of 0 deg this past morning also at Markree, Mountdillon and Mullingar, will have to see if the -0.3 was lowered at any of those locations. (now done, new MIN is --0.5 at Mountdillon, the other two stayed slightly above freezing). -- edit -- this post got changed three times, first I thought I agreed with the next post about -1.2, then realized that was in September not on 7th October. On checking I found another minor error about which stations were in the running for 15th. This is now all fixed up, I hope.

PRC is now a little above average at 105% with this past week rather wet, all eleven locations above normal and the average 160%. If the weather ran dry to end of the month however, this only guarantees about 50% as October is quite a wet month generally. Not saying it will but the trends are somewhat below normal at least in the next week or so.

SUN has improved to 85.4% with this past week at 103.3% (620/600). This should continue to improve given the outlook and the rather low average sunshine values in mid to late October.

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Thought Mullingar got down to -1.2c on 7th October ...could be wrong though...who am I to say

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Confusion at first for me reading the above, but on further checking, that -1.2 was for the month of September and not registered on the 7th, that was -0.3.

So back to plan A, the new MIN is -0.5 on 15th at Mountdillon.

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