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Hi All,

As the title says, I am looking to put together my family tree but not sure where to start.

Is there a website that you can go on, input family member details and it pulls down all previous records?

Dont mind paying a fee if the site can reveal any historical family history.


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I was told first thing before websites etc is to try and compile as much from speaking with relatives to build up an oral history as it will help validate other data you may get. Random poster here so experts in this forum will help

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Dont mind paying a fee if the site can reveal any historical family history.

On Ancestry.com you can build your family tree. If you get the DNA test then you might find family members. You will most likely find others researching at least part of your family tree.

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Start with people who are alive. Find out first names and maiden names and locations for your grandparents. Try find their parents/grandparents on the 1911 census. See are they in the same place in 1901. It's much easier if they didn't move around much.

The census will give a very rough idea of the year they were born. Use sites such as rootsireland.ie findmypast.ie - they are pay sites but often have free trials.

Civil records can be found for free on irishgenealogy.ie and many RC parish records are viewable on registers.nli.ie

You will be doing fairly well in Ireland if you get back before the Famine. Don't ignore 'wrong' spellings of surnames.

Dont be afraid to ask questions here. There are many people waiting and willing to help.

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Have a read of our tracing your ancestors sticky which is a good start.

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