• Nurmagomedov by TKO (10.76%)
  • Nurmagomedov by Sub (21.53%)
  • Nurmagomedov by Decision (2.78%)
  • Draw (0.69%)
  • McGregor by TKO (60.07%)
  • McGregor by Sub (0.69%)
  • McGregor by Decision (3.47%)
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This is the main event thread for UFC 229 - it will remain closed until I decide to open it a few days before the fight.

The main event between Nurmagomedov & McGregor, co main of Ferguson vs Pettis.

All other discussion remains in the McGregor thread - this thread is for discussing the weight ins and the event itself.


1. It is not for dropping in to give your opinion on Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov and why you hate them or want to see them get knocked out. It is not for discussing McGregors personal life, what clothes he is wearing, what he said on instagram or what his father Tony is currently saying on social media. There has been enough of that in the McGregor thread, so if you want to discuss that sort of thing take it there. Basically if you arent discussing the actual event or the weigh ins then take it elsewhere.

2. ANY nonsense in here and expect a card and or a ban. There are no warnings..those have been given in the other thread and this is there is a strict no nonsense policy in this thread. You are all here long enough and aware of how things operate around these events.

Any trolling, goading other posters, back and forth tit for tat, personal abuse, fighter bashing or anything else against the charter and you are banned - plain and simple for a minimum of 3 days.

3. If someone posts something they shouldnt just report it an move on, do not engage and get into nonsense back and forth or you will be banned also.

4. Your only reason to be on this thread is if you are here to enjoy the fight no matter which fighter you want to see win. This is a big event with plenty of interest and people want to sit back and enjoy it, including myself. If you are here to troll, get a reaction or causing hassle then you will be leaving as quickly as you arrive.

I don't care if its your first post or your 1000th you have been warned, if you chose to ignore it you only have yourself to blame.

5. If you receive a ban and decide to send a pm complaining it will not be even looked at till at least Monday after the fight so you have been warned.

6. Do not ask about illegal streams - its that simple, no discussion. It is against boards policy and you will get a ban. That applies to asking about them, posting about them or looking for people to pm them. No discussion on them, end of.

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When and where?
UFC 229 takes place at Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena on Saturday 6 October. The main card kicks off at 3 am on Sunday morning (Irish time). The preliminary card is expected to start at 1 am, while the early prelims will likely begin at around 11:30 pm.

Going off previous events, we can expect the headliner to start sometime between 5:00 am and 6:00 am Irish time.

Where To Watch UFC 229 on TV In Ireland
Coverage of the fight can be found on BT Sport 2 and Eir Sport, with the full event being broadcast from channels from 1am on Saturday night.
BT Sport can be watched on the eir Sport pack in Ireland and streamed on the eir Sport app.

Where to Watch UFC 229 in Dublin

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ASOT Registered User

The champ champ, presser on now.

LightOfTruth Registered User

In on the first page

LightOfTruth Registered User

Conor late.

hatrickpatrick Registered User

"Conor's not here yet", well there's a f*ckin' surprise

martyos121 Registered User

“Shît on bus” chants. Brilliant.

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