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Hi, am looking for an android tablet for my 5 year old and was wondering if anyone could advise me if this was any good? It has 10" screen, runs off Android 7.0 and has 2gb internal memory. However I've never heard of the brand "Beneve" and I'd possibly have to factor customs into the price too.
Any opinions would be great, thanks.,searchweb201602_4_5017015_10065_10068_5017315_10059_10696_100031_10084_10083_5017115_10103_451_10618_452_10304_10307_10820_10821_10302_5017215,searchweb201603_16,ppcSwitch_4&algo_expid=4f85b170-5d96-4767-b4cd-14a53b0ce916-4&algo_pvid=4f85b170-5d96-4767-b4cd-14a53b0ce916&transAbTest=ae803_1&priceBeautifyAB=0

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Amazon fire for kids is what you want.
Easy to put the Google play store on it oo.

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ED E Registered User

^ Good suggestion

What you've linked uses some useless Rokchip SOC and probably runs like absolute garbage.

_Brian Registered User

10” tablet is too big for a five year old.
7/8 is much more manageable and less likely to get broken.

We have two Lenovo tablets here three years with no problem and performance is good.

HowardJDavis Registered User

Think a 7-inch device is your choice. With IPS, of course.

Cantona's Collars Registered User
Kenlen Registered User

Thanks for the replies, Amazon Fire seems like the safest bet

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