Pelvis Registered User

This knob represents Ireland in the European Parliament but hasn't cast a single vote there since 2014. As an MEP he has a salary of circa 100k per year and can claim expenses of up to 50k per year.

What the actual fuck like?

Perhaps the good people of Boards would like to email Brian to ask him what the story is?

Don't forget to CC Michael Martin, who doesn't seem too bothered by it.

Mods: I realise this could be in the politics forum but I think this piss taker deserves a wider audience

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Rennaws Registered User

Because people keep putting him back in there..

It has to be based on the wheelchair ticket because it can’t be based on his previous performance.

I don’t understand it either but that’s democracy.

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banie01 Registered User

I remember the last round of EU Elections when Fianna Fail were toxic by association.
What did the bould Crowley do?

Printed all his election posters on a Blue and Gold background alá Fine Gael type posters and stuck a tiny little FF logo in the corner.
His election pamphlets and posters really passed him of as a FG candidate.

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jamesbere Registered User

He doesn't have a leg to stand on

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Gimme A Pound Registered User

It ain't Brian or Mickey Martin who'll be answering any emails - it'll be a P.A with zero sway, who'll be required to copy and paste some vague stock response.

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YFlyer Registered User

He is rolling in it.

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Try_harder Registered User

He has left FF afaik

VinLieger Registered User

The guys a disgrace as he refuses to answer any questions on his absence. He should never have ran for the seat and definitely should have stepped aside when it became obvious he wouldnt be able to fulfill his duties.

The fact that hes pulling down 150k a year for literally doing nothing is an absolute disgrace and something I hope is well publicised come the MEP elections next year

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Muahahaha Registered User

Read the other day that out of 751 MEPs he has the worst voting record bar none in the whole EU. I know he had some health problems shortly after his election but if that means he cant travel to Brussels to do his job then he needs to resign rather than bleed the taxpayer dry for doing no work.

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VinLieger Registered User

Try_harder said:
He has left FF afaik

He got kicked out of FF as when he was the only seat they won he wasn't receiving the same level of support he was accustomed to, so he left the EU voting block FF were a member of and joined one full of holocaust deniers and nazis.

banie01 Registered User

Try_harder said:
He has left FF afaik

He hasn't but he does a very good job of appearing that way when he thinks it may benefit him.

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Bob Harris Registered User

He should stand up and take it like a man.

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sbsquarepants Registered User

He didn't elect himself - people get the politicians they vote for!

Benildus Registered User

He is quite ill at the moment.

He should have stood down when his health impacted on his ability to attend his job

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suicide_circus Registered User

theres a bang of abled-privilege off this thread

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