jimboblep Registered User

Hi folks have to get to Connolly hospital in the morning for nine
I will be in the city centre at 7 30
Is their a direct bus I can take

Victor Registered User

Put your exact locations and relevant dates and times into www.a-b.ie and tweak the settings. Make sure you have selected "take neighbouring stops into account for origin and destination maximum X min walk".

Route 39 or 39a will get you close enough, but you have to cross the N3 (there are bridges).

The 17a or 220 go into the hospital - you can change at the Blanchardstown Centre, at adjacent stops.

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StreetLight Registered User

Routes 38, 38A or 38B from O'Connell Street to Stop No.1816 on Snugboro Road, the one after Blanchardstown Village. 10 minute walk by Waterville Estate. Much closer than the 39/39A.

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