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This generations great implementation of rest/sleep mode is great. Quick to pick up and quick to put down, ideal for a busy lifestyle or if you have kids.

I hope I always have some time for games, I love the escapism and find it a great way to unwind. I doubt at 35 now I'll ever get sick of games.

Jack burton Registered User

I still love playing games. Literally don't have enough hours to get through what I want. Between work, my dogs, my farm, designing on the PC, Lazer steak stuff, trying to get to training at least twice a week and my wife being 9 months pregnant at the moment gaming time is pretty slim.

I do get the odd hour out in my garage but I usually play some pinball for the time.

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accensi0n Registered User

Doge said:
Ascensi0n seems to be one of the few that actually sits down and and finishes retro games on this forum. Oh if only to have that commitment.

Ah I'm just the only one coming on here fishing for 'thanks'

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DaveyDave Registered User

A friend of mine borrowed the PS4 for Spiderman so I'll have plenty of time for retro games in the next 2 weeks. I don't think I've activated my Xbox Game Pass yet but I don't need to play anything new as I have plenty of unfinished games.

I have week off at the end of this month, so this should lead to some progress across various systems!

Chris_Heilong Registered User

I tinker with my systems or emulators and rarely have time to play, most of the time if I push myself to actually start a game I will finish it but I have put 156 hours into Monster Hunter World which is more time than I have played anything Retro in the last 2 years combined. I still try to find time to play Street Fighter 2 Hyper fighting when ever my brothers come over.

o1s1n Registered User

Managing an hour or two of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers on the 3DS before I drift off at night.

It's a remake of a Saturn game so that counts

I don't know about you guys, maybe it's an age thing or I need glasses, but anytime I play a game with lots of text (or read a book for that matter) I end up drifting off to sleep.

Playing through the Jake Hunter games was a constant battle with my eyelids!

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