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Hiya. I am attending Course A next year in Colaiste Laichtin (2019) I am going into 2nd year. Can someone who went there please let me know is it good and what I will need to pack and what I will wear and will I have a relationship and what the ceilis and discos are like. Do people sneak out at night?

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Sneaking out is an urban myth. I think a few eejits tried it when I was there for the first time (back in 2003) and they were caught straight away. Never heard of anyone trying it again since.

I did 4 courses as a student and 2 summers as an Ardchinnire so I used to know the programme inside out. It's probably changed a bit since I was last there though. It used to be classes in the morning, activities and sports after lunch, céilí in the evening after dinner. Always had top class teachers when I was there.

Bring whatever clothes you'd usually wear, and some sports and swimming stuff, and a comfortable jacket. Football boots and hurleys are useful, as are musical instruments. I'm pretty sure mobile phones are banned.

Relationships aren't encouraged, but sometimes two people just click. You'll spend most of the time making friends with the people in your house, class and activity groups. It used to be a maximum of 1 or 2 discos per course. The céilí is a mixture of songs, dances, talent shows, etc.

Inis Oírr is one of the greatest spots in the country anyway. Gorgeous beach. Great big sports field. Basketball court next to the coláiste. Decent sized hall for the céilí and other activities. Fascinating local history and views. Very good local shop if you bring pocket money. Lots to be positive about.

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