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Hello all  This is my first post here, so hopefully this is in the right place! (Please let me know if not)

My middle name (Patricia) comes from my Grandfather's name (Patrick). However, he had moved back to Ireland and changed the spelling of his name legally to Padraig (forgive the lack of accents, my mini laptop doesn't have the numlock keys).

I was honestly hoping I could find a way to localise it. He never liked the Anglicised version of his name, so I don't particularly want to keep it this way either. I'm not really confident enough in my Gaelige ability to do so myself. I was thinking Padraigin as some form of Irish localisation? I'm yet to come across a feminine form other than that.

Any help is really appreciated ! Thank you.

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Patricia is indeed Pádraigín.

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catrionanic said:
Patricia is indeed Pádraigín.

Thanks a million 

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