RisingDamp Registered User

I have recently been pre approved for a mortgage but have also been headhunted for a new job (much better salary)

Am I right in thinking that the bank will no longer allow me to proceed to purchase if I am on the standard 6 month probationary period with the new employer?

allym Registered User

I would contact the bank and see but I was told by the bank and our solicitor to not change jobs until after drawdown as it would put us back to square one. But that probably depends on the bank and your employment history so I’d give them a call if you can

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Blingy Registered User

I was told I would need to have passed probation to get fully approved.

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Blingy Registered User

This question definitely came up in the last 6 months if you do a search.

RisingDamp Registered User

Blingy said:
This question definitely came up in the last 6 months if you do a search.

My bad, thanks

Jwacqui Registered User

A risk to move jobs. Need to have passed your probabtion. Normally six months in the role. Happened to my friend and the bank that had initially approved her would not let her proceed - even though her new job was permanent. She eventually was approved by a different bank.

I’m a teacher and had awful trouble because you need to be in the same school on your own hours for two years before you are made permanent.

tatranska Registered User

I know someone who was in that position. The bank pulled the mortgage as he was on probation.

Get your money first and then change the job.

Doop Registered User

Or talk to you new job about eliminating the probation period. Worth a shot...

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