Louche Lad Registered User

I've not been able to connect my phone to the wifi on Heuston-Limerick/Cork trains for a month or two now. It always used to work.

I have no problem connecting to the wifi on Limerick Jct to Limerick shuttle trains, or the Connolly to Belfast trains, or buses or cafés etc. It's only the mainline Heuston to Limerick/Cork trains that are the problem.

When I try to connect, I get "This network has no Internet access. Stay connected?" Trying http://ir.on.icomera.com and http://irishrail.on.icomera.com directly won't let me in.

Other devices let me connect OK. It's just my phone that won't let me connect. It's Android ver. 8.0.0.

Any ideas?

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coylemj Registered User

Have you done a 'forget' on the mainline Heuston railway SSID? A lot of the time, the problem you describe is because they've made some change to the network and you have to reset the stored settings for that network in your device. That means a new handshake by telling your device to 'forget' that network and then reconnecting.

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