Oscar Bravo Registered User

Nice morning here in Castlebar, mix of cloud and sunny spells. 15 degrees in a light westerly.

Mobhi1 Registered User

Light shower in Glasnevin. 0.2mm recorded now. 16.3C now and falling after a high a half hour ago of 18.4C

DOCARCH Moderator

A bit of a shower here now in Dublin 16 but nothing recorded from it. 16.7c atm.

Meteorite58 Moderator

9.6C now with clear sky and calm here near Tralee.

DOCARCH Moderator

A clear, sunny and calm morning in Dublin 16. 9.9c atm. Overnight low was 7.4c.

DOCARCH Moderator

All cloudy now in Dublin 16, and the windy too. 16.1c atm.

Meteorite58 Moderator

18.2C now here near Tralee

low 9.3C

Breezy, overcast and dry

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Supercell Happy :)

Light drizzle here now after a clear start. Overnight low of 5.3C, the lowest august temperature in the six years recording here

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Mobhi1 Registered User

17.2C and cloudy here now after earlier sunshine. The low was 7.3C this morning.

Mobhi1 Registered User

Mostly cloudy here but the sun just made a brief appearance. 17.2C RH 83%. And it's got a bit breezier.

DOCARCH Moderator

Some very light drizzle and wind in Dublin 16. 17.9c atm.

eigrod Registered User

Been a nice heavy drizzle in NE Wicklow all morning. Very welcome.

Mobhi1 Registered User

There's been a bit of light drizzle about but it never amounted to very much. The temperature's dropped though. It's 16.6C from a high an hour ago of 17.4C. RH, though, is rising slightly at 87%

Hooter23 Registered User

Very warm breeze in Galway...rain has arrived now a couple of hours ago..still very warm out in it

DOCARCH Moderator

Wind has gone/passed now in Dublin 16. Cloudy, but dry (for now). 19.0c atm.

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