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Calm and mostly clear start to August in Dublin 16. 14.3c atm.

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Mostly cloudy and breezy.

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Light rain has arrived in Dublin 16. 18.6c atm.

Storm 10 Registered User

Terrible morning in Galway lashing rain

Kutebride Registered User

Dark and warm in Meath.
Here comes the rain

donaldtramp Banned

Galway Races track is flooded. Heard there are around 50 people there with sandbags trying to keep the water out for the races at 5. Will likely be cancelled by the looks of it.

joujoujou Registered User

New month, more rain. Fifth of last month's rain already fell today, and still 11 hours left.

Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
1 Aug 2018 13:03:25

Temperature (°C):
Current 14,7
Trend (per hour) +0,3
Average today 12,8
Wind chill 13,4
Heat Index 14,7
Dew Point 14,6
Rel Humidity 99%

Wind (km/h):
Current Gust 28,1 N
Average Speed 19,1 N

Rainfall (mm):
Current rate 8,4
Last hour 7,7
Total today 21,7
Total yesterday 13,3
Total this month 21,7
Total this year 1188,6

Pressure (hPa):
Current 988,2
Trend (per hour) -0,6

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A brief burst of moderate rain in Dublin 16, but dry again now. 1.0mm from that. 16.4c atm.

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Good fall of rain in Dublin City Centre this afternoon.

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Some watery sunshine in Dublin 16. 18.6c atm.

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Dar and cloudy with heavy drizzle.


donaldtramp Banned

18C, dry as my shampoo yet humidity is reaching close to 90%.

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Mostly sunny now in Dublin 16. Breezy. 19.3c atm which is also the high for the day (so far).

donaldtramp Banned

A real cold breeze sweeps through Dublin City and sends shivers up the spine of many tourists.

appledrop Registered User

5.7mm of rain so far today in North County Dublin. A miserable start to August.

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