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There was 1.4mm rain here in Glasnevin about an hour before midnight. Nothing now. 15.4C.

Graces7 Registered User

It was lovely last night, as the daylight faded, listening to heavy rain, and hearing the thirsty land drinking deep, and the dessicated roots expanding and reaching upwards.. past the scorched surface...

Still raining; cats coming n dripping wet....

Reading posts here..

A healing.

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Graces7 Registered User

Cantona' said:
Only lovely,the new spuds are a bit on the small side due to lack of rain.
The Rocking Food Festival is on the bank holiday weekend here in Enniscorthy so I'm hoping the sun comes back after this weekend.

Me too re next weekend. Trading at a festival here and need the good weather back please..

Wild wonderful wind out here. Enjoying it greatly

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Danno Registered User

Got 16.4mm from all that rain. Clearing up nicely now. Grass is shooting green sprouts again.

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PukkaStukka Registered User

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Two weeks ago my lawn resembled a desert. Now it's actually green again. The sound of the rain falling earlier was actually very pleasant to listen to !!

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RobertKK Registered User

16.0mm between yesterday and today,all welcome and more too is welcome before the next dry spell.

pauldry Registered User

Lashing in Sligo

Nothing much showing on radar but let me assure you its bucketing

However with Sligos microclimate its sunny on Knocknarea but pouring a few fields away so maybe just a stagnant thunderstorm im in

Please make it lash for 3 to 4 days and return to heat for 2 weeks and then ill be happy.

After all the UK has still to break its record temperature as
Arctic Circle have

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koutoubia Registered User

Absolutley torrential rain since circa 09.15 with thunder and lightning knocking power out for a few hours.
North County Dublin

hinault Registered User

Very heavy bursts of rainfall here in south county Dublin, the last shower was for a duration of 30 minutes or so, and 2mm of rain fell. We've had showers off and on since 10am. The water barrel in my back garden is filling nicely now

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