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deirdremf said:
You could say the same about the Gaelscoil population in Cork.

or half the housing estates built in the last 25 years in this country, with 'Irish' names... should an address finder work with those, i wonder?

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David Webb said:

No, if you're brought up speaking a language badly, you are not a valid native speaker of it.

I disagree that people brought up speaking Irish in NI, or outside the Gaeltacht in the south, generally speak the language badly. In my experience they are usually fluent and easily understood. A handful of gramatical differences or some differences in pronuncation do not mean that it is "English dressed up with Irish words" as you seem keen to suggest.

Look if everyone in Dublin started to speak bad Mandarin, that would not entitle them to scream abuse at real Chinese people for telling them their Chinese would poor, would it?

People raised through Irish outside the Gaeltacht, in my experiance, never scream abuse at Irish speakers from the Gaeltacht or tell them their Irish is poor. Nor have I ever seen people from the Gaeltacht denigrating people raised through Irish outside the Gaeltacht for their Irish. It's usually only a small handful of people who are not from the Gaeltacht themselves but have convinced themselves that the only "valid" Irish is that spoken by elderly people in the Gaeltacht that do so.

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