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Hi, I'm looking for some assistance please. I'm filling out a naturalisation form and one of the details I'm required to give is my registration number from my GNIB card. It's all in Irish so I'm unsure which of the number fields to use. My options are:
Uimhir GNIB
Uimhir Roinne
Uimhir Charta

My suspicion is that the last is the card number which in my opinion limits it to the first two. Uimhir Roinne would be my choice if left to my own devices.

Any help greatly appreciated.

deirdremf Registered User

Can you post a picture of the form?

The Cush Registered User

Uimhir GNIB = GNIB number

The last one is just the card number.

Downtime Registered User

Umihir Roinne is the Department Number so I would suspect it is Uimhir GNIB.

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